Blueberry Hill Slouch Beanie

Feast your eyes upon the Blueberry Hill Slouch Beanie! This lovely hat will make a great accessory and will definitely keep you warm. It is a soft, slouchy beanie crocheted with variegated acrylic yarn. The pattern itself will vary slightly due to irregularity in the way that the yarn is dyed. The colors include lilac, cream, lavender, navy, and gray. The circumference of the hat is 21’ with stretch.

Super soft 100% acrylic yarn
Machine washable
Lay flat to dry

Crocheted with love in a smoke free environment. (:
8 months ago

Crochet Scarf with Fringe

This listing is for a crochet scarf! The scarf pictured is purple, but is available in multiple colors including purple, black, grey, and red. This scarf is VERY soft and warm with a rather simple design. It is about 5 inches wide and it can be crocheted to reach 60 or 72 inches, excluding the fringe which is about 3 inches. 
8 months ago

Crochet Lace Bracelet!

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Could an amazing person who is good in English read over my essay before I submit it for grading? I would very much appreciate it.

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“Perseids meteor shower as observed from the Snowy Range in Wyoming”

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"Why should Death lurk in the shadows? Why should Death wait at the gate? There is no bedchamber, no ballroom that I cannot enter. Death in the glow of the hearth, Death on tiptoe in the corridor, that is what I am. Speak to me of the Dark Gifts—I use them. I’m Gentleman Death in silk and lace, come to put out the candles. The canker in the heart of the rose."

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Driving along a backroad South Carolina, buildings pass by in a smear. Every now and then one of those smears screams out at you. Houses with broken eyes, the shadows inside black like dark circles. Cracked concrete steps like jagged teeth, inviting you in.

Come stay a while.

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& talk to you without being judged.

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